About Us

Who Are We?

Moby is Coupon & Cashback platform that gives you the Best shopping deals across all types of shopping categories from your favourite grocery store to that trusted brand for appliances & electronics. We have partnered with over 1500 online shopping brands to provide you the best offers in India across every category & brand.

How do you Benefit?

We don’t ask you to shop or pay on our platforms, you just need click through any of your favourite brands coupons and get redirected to the relevant brand website to shop as usual. The brand coupon tags your shopping on the brand website to Moby automatically, no coupon codes required. The brands pay us commission for your choice to shop via Moby & we simply share this commission with you as Cashback.
So don’t ever shop without Moby now, to miss out that 5% -30% extra cash into your selected E-wallet! You don’t need any coupon code for your Cashback, but we do show you coupon codes to copy for the discount available at the brand website, otherwise you will simply see them on your checkout coupon apply box.

How are we different for the Rest?

There are many Cashback companies but we are the only one which ensures -
  1. Extra Cashback as always “additional” over any other offers given by the brands.
  2. Exact Cashback as mentioned on the coupon, never ‘up to’ or less.
  3. Every time you shop, you will get Cashback, not just on your first bill.
Cashback doesn’t require to copy & paste any codes, just click via our coupon “shop” button every time & the brand will tag your shopping to Moby automatically as you will get an SMS & message in the next 5 Mins to 24 hrs max confirming this.